Wifi + Wings
To-do's + Tacos
Power Cords + Pizza
Emails + Edamame
Laptops + Lattes
Notebooks + Nachos
Headphones + Hamburgers
Books + Brews
Presentations + Pasta
Inbox 0 + Ice Cream
Sketchbooks + Sandwichs
Post-its + Paninis

Treat yourself.

Workchew turns your city’s most dynamic restaurants into safe workspaces with discounted eats—so you can refuel while you work.

Get out of the
house — safely.

Socially distanced workspaces, online reservations, and contactless ordering make it easier for you to get work and get to eating without the worry.

Did we mention
the fo d?

If you're paying full price for food, you’re doing it wrong.

Beyond discounted menus, our members get access to exclusive events and products to help enhance life in the new normal.

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