Wifi + Wings
To-do's + Tacos
Power Cords + Pizza
Emails + Edamame
Laptops + Lattes
Notebooks + Nachos
Headphones + Hamburgers
Books + Brews
Presentations + Pasta
Inbox 0 + Ice Cream
Sketchbooks + Sandwichs
Post-its + Paninis

COVID-19 Update: Restaurants in need of carry-out support, click here!

Let's Stay

Welcome to WorkChew Virtual!

The membership community you need to survive social distancing. We are connecting you to the (2) things you need most:

  • Access to a virtual community of hustlers & doers
  • Deals on local food designed to WOW you

Why Us?

  • It's free… why not?
  • Carry-out deals at the best local eats
  • Virtual meetups & workshops, Hello new friends!
  • Opportunity to support your local restaurants!

Support Local,
Stay Healthy!

Lets do our part… we encourage you to order carry-out during your time at home. You can even take it a step further & order during
off-peak hours for exclusive deals.

What's In It For You?

  • Give yourself a much-needed cooking break!
  • A fun way to try new eats in your community
  • Opportunity to get fresh air & go for a "social distanced" stroll
  • A chance to support local restaurants that need you!

Why Carry-Out
vs. Delivery

Even though 3rd party companies are doing their part, it's still costly for our local restaurants.

  • Delivery companies like (Grubhub, Ubereats, etc.) are deferring commission payments vs. waiving them
  • Restaurants can pay up to 30% on orders through third-party delivery apps
  • Allow our local restaurants to make 100% of the profits!

So if you can, take a quick walk, or even drive to pick up your order, restaurants would appreciate it!


Join the Community of Remote Workers Staying Connected.

  • Discounts on carry-out
  • Virtual community meet-ups
  • Isolation is hard, let WorkChew help keep you connected

We are all in this together!
Support your local restaurants.

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