Wifi + Wings
To-do's + Tacos
Power Cords + Pizza
Emails + Edamame
Laptops + Lattes
Notebooks + Nachos
Headphones + Hamburgers
Books + Brews
Presentations + Pasta
Inbox 0 + Ice Cream
Sketchbooks + Sandwichs
Post-its + Paninis

We're Going

WorkChew Virtual

WorkChew Virtual is an online event community keeping you connected with each other and your local restaurants through immersive experiences.

Think Virtual… Cooking Class, Mixology Sessions, Wine Tastings, Community Coffee Breaks, and much more!

Social Hour

Who said you have to go out to have a good time?

WorkChew Social Hour is the digital event community you never knew you needed. Whether we're hosting a virtual wine tastings or fireside chat with your local chef. Sign up and have a blast from your living room!

Coffee Break

No break room…no problem!

Join WorkChew coffee break and connect with members over a cup of joe. Think of us as the virtual "break room" with discussion topics ranging from local events, arts & culture, to business trends and careers.

The community
you always needed

Join the Community of Remote Workers Staying Connected

  • Discounts on carry-out
  • Virtual community meet-ups
  • Isolation is hard, let WorkChew help keep you connected

The beats you need to Get S**t Done!
(Add your favorite songs and party with us!)

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